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We're delighted to announce the inaugural launch of Kuvvi, our innovative fund-raising system, for Dudley Zoological Gardens (DZG) in the West Midlands
This is a major deployment of our newly developed system and sees the first release of KuvviSponsor, KuvviMember, KuvviTicket and KuvviEvent to DZG’s visitors, supporters and staff.
An innovative business model means that DZG have had no upfront investment to make, as payment is in the form of a fees-percentage based on the revenue created by Kuvvi.
For DZG:

  • KuvviSponsor allows supporters to ‘adopt an animal' from a catalogue of 100 adoptees. Adopters receive certificates, zoo tickets and other material in digital format for immediate download.
  • KuvviMember facilitates the purchase of individual and group zoo memberships. Purchasers can buy for themselves or as a gift.
  • KuvviTicket offers visitors the opportunity to buy advance entry tickets online. Tickets are delivered in digital format and each is uniquely barcoded for validation using KuvviEPOS.
  • KuvviEvent has a built-in calendar tool that allows the immediate purchase of tickets for DZG’s popular birthday party and zoo experience packages, ensuring that overbooking is impossible.

The Kuvvi system virtually runs itself, requiring very little administrative attention. Tracking event availability and attendance is no problem, due to Kuvvi’s built-in scheduling tool. Purchasing, adopting and donating is made quick and easy, using our beautifully designed eCommerce forms. DZG get immediate email notification each time there is a purchase, and on-demand revenue and attendance reports are provided in an Excel spreadsheet.
Jonathan Grove, MD of Futurate, said,
“We know the innovative tools that Kuvvi makes available to the team at DZG puts their digital presence on a par with the websites of the world’s most prestigious attractions. We are convinced that Kuvvi is going to have a major impact on Dudley Zoo’s fund-raising activity”.
You can see Kuvvi for DZG in action or you can learn more about the features and benefits of Kuvvi.

Tue, 31/08/2010 - 16:39