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Transport Works, our new Drupal CMS powered website for the Passenger Transport Executive Group (PTEG) is now live.
The site is a key element in PTEG’s campaign to ensure that investment in regional transport networks continues against the back drop of economic austerity.
Transport Works represents the first time that the evidence base for investing in UK urban transport has been brought together on a single website.
Now decision makers, researchers, the press and the public have a single source that’s dedicated to building the case for investment in urban transport.
Visitors to Transport Works can:

  • access a growing database of resources that are held on the site and on partner websites
  • subscribe to PTEG’s newsletter
  • view headline facts related to the economic benefits of investing in transport
  • interactively explore key statistics through a series of engaging dynamic charts/graphs.

Web content editors at PTEG can:

  • manage every aspect of their site (including their regular email newsletter) through Drupal’s easy-to-use administration interface
  • use templates to easily add content to fixed layouts for research paper articles, magazine-style articles and news
  • manage the characteristics of individual charts and graphs and their associated datasets which are uploaded to Drupal as Excel compatible spread sheets.

Email newsletters are also authored and managed through Drupal, making it easy for editors at PTEG to manage all editions, subscribers and statistics in a properly integrated manner.
Visit the Transport Works website at www.transportworks.org, learn more about PTEG or contact us to find out more about Drupal and to learn how our services can transform your digital marketing activity.

Thu, 08/09/2011 - 16:10